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These practice problems cover atomic mass, atomic number, and number of subatomic particles. This resource is part of the Chemistry course which contains units on Lab Setup and Safety; Nomenclature; Chemical Reactions and Balancing; Metric Systems & Conversions; Periodic Table and Trends; Atomic Structure; Nuclear Chemistry; Acids, Bases, & Salts; Bonding; Percent Composition; Solutions, Molarity, and Concentrations; Stoichiometry; Energy; Gas Laws; Reaction Rates and Equilibrium; Electron Configuration; and Redox Reactions.


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atomic mass atomic number chemistry



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Atomic Structure
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SCI.10-12.6.C: Science

calculate the wavelength, frequency, and energy of light using Planck's constant and the speed of light;

SCI.10-12.6.D: Science

use isotopic composition to calculate average atomic mass of an element; and

SCI.10-12.6.E: Science

express the arrangement of electrons in atoms through electron configurations and Lewis valence electron dot structures.
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