1. If you start with 5.0 x 1043 molecules of cyclopentane, how many grams of carbon dioxide are produced in this combustion reaction?
  2. If you start with 3.32 moles of potassium dichromate and you react it with excess lead (IV) iodide, how many moles of the lead compound are produced?
  3. If you react 37.0 g of calcium chloride with magnesium chromate, how many grams of each product are produced?
  4. Consider the following question: If you have 47.0 atoms of aluminum sulfate, how many grams of aluminum sulfate do you have? Explain why this is not a stoichiometry problem. Which produces more sodium, the decomposition of 1000.0 grams of sodium chloride or the single displacement reaction of 1000.0 grams of sodium sulfate with excess lead (IV)?
  5. You begin with 45.76 g of sodium chloride and an unlimited supply of lead (III) oxide. If a reaction does occur, how many grams of the lead (III) chloride are produced? Oh yeah, lead (III) oxide and salt don't react with one another. This is a challenging problem; keep at it!

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