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QUOTATION MINGLE INSTRUCTIONS This strategy works well as an EXPLORE activity prior to getting into a reading about an historical topic. Step 1: Prepare Materials. Using an article or primary source of your choice, select several sentences that relate back to the main idea or central theme of the text. Create a clip of paper with each of the quotations on them. You need enough sentences/quotations for each pair of students. Step 2: Describe activity and expectations. Students will “mingle” with each other, reading their statements to each other and then talking about what they think the article/source is about. You may want a structure for this like “Parallel Lines” or another pair-share strategy. Students should talk to all of the other quotes – for example, if you have 8 quotes, students need to speak with 7 others with differing quotes. Step 3: Hand out a quotation to each student. Step 4: Students Mingle, Teacher Monitors Step 5: Call Time! Have everyone freeze! Have each pair form a group with another pair to form a group of 4. Each group of 4 should discuss what they think the mystery source will be about. Step 6: Teacher Monitors Step 7: Plenary Session! Step 8: Read the article/source - putting an ! by what they predicted and an X besides what they did not predict. (This step would work well for part of the explain section of the 5E process) Step 9: Summarize the reading with a writing assignment. ***Modification for lower grades: Read each quote out loud, have students tell a pair what they think you will be reading about, during reading have student lift signs with ! Or X to have them reflect on their predictions.


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SS2G1.a: Social Studies Georgia Standards of Excellence - Grade 2

Locate and compare the geographic regions of Georgia: Blue Ridge, Piedmont, Coastal Plain, Ridge and Valley, and Appalachian Plateau.
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