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Using batting averages, students will create ratios and convert them to rounded decimals (3 places). In addition, they will take decimals and determine several possible equivalent ratios. Then using the relationship that batting average = hits/at bats, the students can use proportions or equations to find either the number of hits or the number of at bats for a given situations.


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Conversion Between Fractions Mixed Numbers Decimals Rounding Ratios and Cross Product



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Ratio and Proportion

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Equivalent Fractions

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Comparison of numbers
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Terrie Teegarden

• General Notes:
o The amount of explanation necessary will depend on the student’s familiarity with the game of baseball.
o The method for solving the last two problems can be either using proportions: or using the decimal form of the batting average, solving the equation . The choice of method is left to the discretion of the instructor. If the students have not covered this topic the last two questions can be eliminated from the lab.

• Follow Up/ Discussion Questions:
o Students who follow baseball may want to research their favorite player.
o Similarly students who play or have friends or relatives who play may want to apply what they have learned to their real life interest.

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