Description: This lesson was created for a course at West Chester University about including the use of technology in the classroom. Students will learn how to reduce, reuse, and recycle to help make their school a go green environment. This lesson is about students learning the importance of recycling, the impact it has on the environment, and ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle items in their school on a regular basis. Students will research the effects of recycling using websites that are provided for them, and they will explore items that can be recycled in their category. They will also device a plan for their school to start or increase recycling. Their plan has to include a specific way that the item they are assigned can be recycled throughout the school. For example, putting paper bins in every classroom for students to recycle scrap paper instead of throwing it away in a trashcan. The students must make a poster explaining their plan creatively by using a poem, song, pictures, etc. They will present their ideas to the class as a group so all of the students learn the effects of each of the categories, and ways to recycle the objects. This webquest gives students the opportunity to use the internet, collaborate with peers, express their art abilities, think critically about affective strategies to actually get people to recycle, and teach their peers about what they have learned. The webquest works to show various students strengths because some students might be better at art and speaking infront of their peers, while others might be better at researching and planing, and so on. Also, students will have the opportunity to get out of their seats and move around to work on their posters and talk to their group members. Students will use their writing skills, critical thinking skills, art abilities, and cooperation skills to complete this webquest. Learner: This webquest is designed for a fourth grade science lesson about recycling. Art is also touched upon because of the poster that students have to create, and their writing skills are used to describe their plan on the poster. Students will need to know what the basic idea of recycling is, how to work in groups, and how to use the computer to make this lesson successful.


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SCI.5.1.B: Science

make informed choices in the conservation, disposal, and recycling of materials.
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On a scale of 0 to 3

This resource was reviewed using the Curriki Review rubric and received an overall Curriki Review System rating of 3, as of 2009-11-29.

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This simple webquest was designed for a project for an Educational Technology course at West Chester University during the Fall 2009 semester and written for use with 4th grade students, although it can easily be adapted for use at other grade levels. The introductory YouTube video is an image montage of a Jack Johnson song, The 3 R’s - a nice tool for engaging students, but not essential to the lesson. The method of dividing students into groups is especially creative and each group is tasked with focusing on one of the following materials: paper/cardboard, metal, glass, and plastics. Students will research the environmental impact of their materials and brainstorm ideas to reduce, reuse and recycle their material in their own school. The idea of the lesson is strong, however, some 4th grade students may benefit from additional scaffolding of the lesson procedures. The Resources list refers to “links to the websites where the researchers will be able to find the information they need to answer their research question,” however no links are provided. These links will need to be found by the individual educator or student. A basic presentation rubric is included for suggested assessment.

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