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Collection of resources, curriculum, lesson plans, etc. for teachign To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.


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LA.10.10.3.a: English

Identify text organization and structure.

LA.10.10.3.b: English

Identify main and supporting ideas.

LA.10.10.3.c: English

Make predictions, draw inferences, and connect prior knowledge to support reading comprehension.

LA.10.10.3.d: English

Explain similarities and differences of techniques and literary forms represented in the literature of different cultures and eras.

LA.10.10.3.e: English

Identify universal themes prevalent in the literature of different cultures.

LA.10.10.3.f: English

Examine a literary selection from several critical perspectives.

LA.11.11.3.a: English

Describe contributions of different cultures to the development of American literature.

LA.11.11.3.b: English

Compare and contrast the development of American literature in its historical context.

LA.11.11.3.c: English

Discuss American literature as it reflects traditional and contemporary themes, motifs, universal characters, and genres.

LA.11.11.3.d: English

Describe how use of context and language structures conveys an author's intent and viewpoint in contemporary and historical essays, speeches, and critical reviews.

LA.12.12.6.a: English

Describe the conflict, plot, climax, and setting.

LA.12.12.6.b: English

Compare and contrast ways in which character, scene, dialogue, and staging contribute to the theme and the dramatic effect.

LA.12.12.6.c: English

Identify the most effective elements of selected plays.

LA.12.12.6.d: English

Compare and contrast dramatic elements of plays from American, British, and other cultures.
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On a scale of 0 to 3

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Reviewer Comments:

This rich collection has 6 resources for teaching To Kill A Mockingbird. The first resource contains supplemental materials from the Library of Congress. It explores themes; provides historical understanding for the text (i.e. primary photos, texts from that period); explores oral history (including manuscripts from the Federal Writers Project); and guides the student in writing about different aspects of the book. The second resource is a PPTof a unit plan including: goals, common core standards, college and career readiness standards for writing, assignments, and a rubric. There are PPTs of writing prompts and relevant guiding questions linking the text to student lives. There are directions for a town map poster project and guiding questions to tie the final evaluation together. This collection builds background knowledge, addresses standards and employs best practices in education.
Janet Pinto
November 2, 2015

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