This unit takes students on a WebQuest exploring the struggles of African Americans to achieve equality after the Civil War.


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American Civil War Jim Crow Laws John Brown differences between North and South student-facing



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SOC.7-8.6.III.1: Social Studies

To understand how the Civil War affected the development of the postwar United States and influenced other countries

SOC.7-8.6.III.2: Social Studies

To describe how ordinary people and famous historic figures in the local community, the State, and the United States have advanced fundamental democratic values, beliefs, and traditions expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the New York State and United States constitutions, the Bill of Rights, and other important historic documents

SOC.7-8.6.III.3: Social Studies

To consider the sources of historic documents, narratives, or artifacts and evaluate their reliability

SOC.7-8.6.III.4: Social Studies

To value the principles, ideals, and core values of the American democratic system based upon the premises of human dignity, liberty, justice, and equality

SOC.7-8.6.III.5: Social Studies

To analyze the role played by the United States in international politics, past and present
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