The Revolutionary War Packets need to be created for each individual student to keep with them as they read the text. All of the packets for the four novels contain the same types of information, but the summarizing guidelines are differentiated based on the novels reading and Lexile levels
It should include the following:

  • Packet Cover with Rubric
  • Vivacious Visualization Guidelines
  • Sensational Summaries Guidelines (differentiated for the various novels)
  • Calendar for each novel
  • Graphic Organizers for each day of reading, totaling 12 of each in the following order:
      • Visualization Graphic Organizer
      • Getting the Gist Graphic Organizer
      • Summary Graphic Organizer
  • Vocabulary Graphic Organizer (6 pages needed for each packet) This can be used as an alternative packet that is separate from the novel packet.

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