Do Now August 15, 2005

History -( )

Do Now #1

Expectations and Empowerment

Welcome to seventh grade history. I am very excited to be teaching the Pride of 2011 at GCP this year. Seventh grade history is my favorite course, and seventh graders are my favorite students to teach. (More on that later….)

We have HUGE year ahead of us, and we must make every second of summer school count.

Directions: Silently complete the sentences below. Most of this should be review for everyone.

1. Before I enter Mr. Lindy’s classroom, I will be sure I have my n , p______________, b__________, and p____.

2. I will be sure to have a __________________ on my face and that I say “_____________________________________________.”

3. While working on my Do Now, my eyes _______________________, and my hands should never __________________________________.

4. As soon as I complete my Do Now, I record my _____________ in my __________________.

5. I use the rest of the time to check over my _______________________ and find ways to go __________________ and _______________.

6. In history class last year, I learned

. Above and Beyond: In the space below write a few sentences or draw a picture about something you want to study in 7th grade history or something that makes you excited to be in this class.

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