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If you are a humanities teacher, reading the Diary dovetails well with a study of World War II. I have prepared a brief list of 15 social studies lessons that could be taught alongside your students' reading of the diary.


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SOC.9-10.14.E.4: Social Science

Analyze historical trends of United States foreign policy (e.g., emergence as a world leader - military, industrial, financial).

SOC.9-10.16.A.4a: Social Science

Analyze and report historical events to determine cause-and-effect relationships.

SOC.9-10.16.B.4 US: Social Science

Identify political ideas that have dominated United States historical eras (e.g., Federalist, Jacksonian, Progressivist, New Deal, New Conservative).

SOC.9-10.16.D.4b US: Social Science

Describe unintended social consequences of political events in United States history (e.g., Civil War/emancipation, National Defense Highway Act/decline of inner cities, Vietnam War/anti-government activity).

SOC.9-10.16.D.4 W: Social Science

Identify significant events and developments since 1500 that altered world social history in ways that persist today including colonization, Protestant Reformation, industrialization, the rise of technology and human rights movements.

SOC.9-10.18.B.4: Social Science

Analyze various forms of institutions (e.g., educational, military, charitable, governmental).
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