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MA.9-12.MA.912.G.2.1: Mathematics

Identify and describe convex, concave, regular, and irregular polygons.

MA.9-12.MA.912.G.2.2: Mathematics

Determine the measures of interior and exterior angles of polygons, justifying the method used.

MA.9-12.MA.912.G.2.3: Mathematics

Use properties of congruent and similar polygons to solve mathematical or real-world problems.

MA.9-12.MA.912.G.2.4: Mathematics

Apply transformations (translations, reflections, rotations, dilations, and scale factors) to polygons to determine congruence, similarity, and symmetry. Know that images formed by translations, reflections, and rotations are congruent to the original shape. Create and verify tessellations of the plane using polygons.

MA.9-12.MA.912.G.2.5: Mathematics

Explain the derivation and apply formulas for perimeter and area of polygons (triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, etc.).

MA.9-12.MA.912.G.2.6: Mathematics

Use coordinate geometry to prove properties of congruent, regular and similar polygons, and to perform transformations in the plane.

MA.9-12.MA.912.G.2.7: Mathematics

Determine how changes in dimensions affect the perimeter and area of common geometric figures.
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