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Teodoro Vidal became a collector in Puerto Rico after traveling all over Puerto Rico collecting artwork, furniture, toys, and much more. He collected many of the santo that can be seen in this activity guide. Mr. Vidal collected objects because he wanted to share the history and culture of Puerto Rico with other people, and recently gave some of his collection to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. His collection was used to create an exhibition entitled A Collector's Vision of Puerto Rico . Near the end of the activity book students can learn how to collect and preserve their own collection.


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4.3.8: District of Columbia Arts Education Learning Standards

Identify and describe how a person's own cultural content influences responses to works of art. Create a composition that illustrates a personal cultural celebration.

4.3.8: District of Columbia Physical Education Standards

Measure and record changes in aerobic capacity and muscular strength, using scientifically based health-related physical fitness assessments.

4.3.8: Indiana's Academic Standards Social Studies

Identify the challenges in the physical landscape of Indiana to early settlers and modern day economic development. (Individuals, Society and Culture)
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