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LA.3.3.A.2.a.1: English

Title of the book, story, poem, or play

LA.3.3.A.2.b.1: English

Pictures and illustrations

LA.3.3.A.2.b.2: English


LA.3.3.A.2.b.3: English

Print features

LA.3.3.A.2.c.1: English

Footnoted words and phrases

LA.3.3.A.2.c.2: English


LA.3.3.A.3.a.1: English

Characteristics of the general categories of fiction versus nonfiction

LA.3.3.A.3.a.2: English

Realistic fiction

LA.3.3.A.3.a.3: English

Tall tales

LA.3.3.A.3.a.4: English


LA.3.3.A.3.a.5: English


LA.3.3.A.3.a.6: English

Fairy tales

LA.3.3.A.3.a.7: English


LA.3.3.A.3.b.1: English

Narrative text with a main problem, sequence of chronology of events, and solution to the problem

LA.3.3.A.3.c.1: English

Stories that have settings with a distinct time and place

LA.3.3.A.3.d.1: English

Main versus minor characters

LA.3.3.A.3.d.2: English

Conclusions about the characters' traits based on what the character says and does

LA.3.3.A.3.d.3: English

Conclusions about the characters' motivations based on the characters' actions and interactions with other characters

LA.3.3.A.3.e.1: English

Connections between and among characters

LA.3.3.A.3.e.2: English

Connections between and among situations

LA.3.3.A.3.e.3: English

Cause/effect relationships between characters' actions and the results of those actions

LA.3.3.A.3.e.4: English

Cause/effect relationships between and among situations and events

LA.3.3.A.3.f.1: English

Narrator of the story; speaker of the poem

LA.3.3.A.3.f.2: English

First versus third person point of view

LA.3.3.A.4.a.1: English

Structure, including lines and stanzas

LA.3.3.A.4.a.2: English


LA.3.3.A.4.a.3: English

Form, including lines and stanzas

LA.3.3.A.4.a.4: English

Refrain, chorus

LA.3.3.A.4.a.5: English

Rhyme scheme

LA.3.3.A.4.b.1: English

Specific meaning of words, lines, and/or stanzas

LA.3.3.A.4.c.1: English

Rhyme, rhyme scheme

LA.3.3.A.4.c.2: English


LA.3.3.A.4.c.3: English

Alliteration and other repetition

LA.3.3.A.5.a.1: English

List of characters (cast), including narrator

LA.3.3.A.5.a.2: English

Introductory information about the setting

LA.3.3.A.5.a.3: English

Stage directions

LA.3.3.A.5.a.4: English


LA.3.3.A.5.a.5: English


LA.3.3.A.5.b.1: English

Specific actions and events that occur in a scene

LA.3.3.A.5.c.1: English

Connections between the stage directions and the physical movement of the characters

LA.3.3.A.5.d.1: English

Connections among the stage directions, the character's lines, and how the character delivers those lines

LA.3.3.A.6.a.1: English

In the text or a portion of the text

LA.3.3.A.6.a.2: English

Literal versus interpretive meanings of a text or a portion of text

LA.3.3.A.6.a.3: English

Message, moral, or lesson learned from the text

LA.3.3.A.6.b.1: English

Main ideas across texts

LA.3.3.A.6.b.2: English

Messages, morals, or lessons learned across texts

LA.3.3.A.6.b.3: English

Different versions of the same story across eras or cultures

LA.3.3.A.6.c.1: English

Restatement of the text or a portion of the text in student's own words

LA.3.3.A.6.d.1: English

The text or a portion of the text

LA.3.3.A.6.e.1: English

Connections between personal experiences and the theme or main ideas

LA.3.3.A.7.a.1: English

Character and plot development advanced through dialogue

LA.3.3.A.7.b.1: English

Significant words and phrases with a specific effect on meaning

LA.3.3.A.7.b.2: English

Denotations of above-grade-level words used in context

LA.3.3.A.7.b.3: English

Connotations of grade-appropriate words and phrases in context

LA.3.3.A.7.b.4: English

Multiple meaning words

LA.3.3.A.7.c.1: English

Grade-appropriate words that describe the tone of a text or a portion of text

LA.3.3.A.7.c.2: English

Tone in the text or portion of the text

LA.3.3.A.7.c.3: English

Specific punctuation that contributes to the tone of a text or a portion of the text

LA.3.3.A.7.d.1: English


LA.3.3.A.7.d.2: English


LA.3.3.A.7.d.3: English


LA.3.3.A.7.e.1: English

Specific words and phrases that appeal to the senses

LA.3.3.A.7.f.1: English

Specific examples of repetition that affect meaning

LA.3.3.A.7.f.2: English

Specific examples of exaggeration

LA.3.3.A.7.f.3: English


LA.3.3.A.8.a.1: English

Realism versus fantasy

LA.3.3.A.8.a.2: English

Characters and events that parallel everyday life

LA.3.3.A.8.b.1: English

Questions and predictions about events, situations, and conflicts that might occur if the text were continued
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