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Collection of lesson plans for teaching science concepts with interactive whiteboard technology (including SMARTNotebook, Promethean ActivInspire, etc.).


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TEC.3-5.C/T 3-5.7.1: Computer/Technology

Determine when technology tools are appropriate to solve a problem and make a decision.

TEC.3-5.C/T 3-5.7.2: Computer/Technology

Select resources to solve problems and make informed decisions.

TEC.3-5.C/T 3-5.8.1: Computer/Technology

Produce documents demonstrating the ability to edit, reformat, and integrate various software tools.

TEC.3-5.C/T 3-5.8.2: Computer/Technology

Use technology tools for individual and collaborative writing, communication, and publishing activities.

TEC.3-5.C/T 3-5.8.3: Computer/Technology

Use telecommunication tools to communicate and share information with others.

TEC.6-8.C/T 6-8.8.1: Computer/Technology

Employ technology in the development of strategies for solving problems.

TEC.6-8.C/T 6-8.8.2: Computer/Technology

Use a variety of technologies to identify and provide possible solutions to real-world problems.

TEC.6-8.C/T 6-8.8.3: Computer/Technology

Use content-specific tools, software, and simulations such as environmental probes, graphic calculators, exploratory environments, and web tools.

TEC.6-8.C/T 6-8.8.4: Computer/Technology

Participate in collaborative problem-solving activities.

TEC.6-8.C/T 6-8.8.5: Computer/Technology

Select and use appropriate tools and technology resources to accomplish a variety of tasks.

TEC.6-8.C/T 6-8.9.1: Computer/Technology

Choose the appropriate tool, format, and style to communicate information.

TEC.6-8.C/T 6-8.9.2: Computer/Technology

Independently use technology tools to create and communicate for individual and/or collaborative projects.

TEC.6-8.C/T 6-8.9.3: Computer/Technology

Produce documents demonstrating the ability to edit, reformat, and integrate various software tools.

TEC.9-12.C/T 9-12.8.1: Computer/Technology

Investigate and apply expert systems, intelligent agents, and simulations in real-world situations.

TEC.9-12.C/T 9-12.8.2: Computer/Technology

Select and apply technology tools for information analysis, problem-solving, and decision-making.

TEC.9-12.C/T 9-12.8.3: Computer/Technology

Use technology resources such as educational software, simulations, and models for problem-solving, and independent learning.

TEC.9-12.C/T 9-12.8.4: Computer/Technology

Produce and disseminate information through collaborative problem-solving activities.

TEC.9-12.C/T 9-12.9.1: Computer/Technology

Determine the most effective tool, format, and style to communicate to specific audiences.

TEC.9-12.C/T 9-12.9.2: Computer/Technology

Use technology-based options, including distance and distributed education, to collaborate, research, publish, and communicate.

TEC.9-12.C/T 9-12.9.3: Computer/Technology

Practice self-directed use of advanced technology tools for communicating with specific audiences.
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