In a group of 2-4, choose one short story that we have read so far this quarter. Your group's task is to create a movie "pitch" for the studio producer (your teacher). Here are your responsibilities:

1. Choose actors to play the different roles in the story (the major parts only).

2. Create a movie poster that will accompany your presentation. The poster should have an illustration, actors'/characters' names, and a tagline (a one-sentence "slogan" that will make people want to see the film).

3. Create a plan for your pitch. Who will say what? What will the selling points be for your movie? Who is your intended audience? What genre will the movie fit under? (action, drama, sci-fi, etc.)

Make sure each group member is involved in the pitch, but you may divide the planning duties (i.e. have 2 people work on the script for your pitch and 1 work on the poster).

You will have 1 class period to prepare, so work efficiently!

Good luck, and I hope you get "green-lit!"

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