Here are some thoughts on Statway as it's being or might be done in the future in the LACCD. These are from Regis Smith, ELAC Math:

Statway is an accelerated statistics program created by the Carnegie Foundation. They provide the lessons and (free) text for the course. Pierce is implementing their program this fall as MATH 228, and attached is Section II of Pierce's course outline (Ruben: I don't know how to insert a file here). The district (via Yasmin Delahoussaye) wants other campuses to implement the Carnegie program. If a department wants to participate, there must be at least three faculty willing to teach the program starting in the Fall 2012. Of course, the three faculty must convince the department to approve a course, or adopt MATH 228. And you have about a month to contact Yasmin Delahoussaye with the decision (as of March 15).

Pierce's course has MATH 110 as prerequisite, and effectively replaces MATH 115, 125, and 227 in two semesters. I believe (based on a conversation with a dean at Pierce) that the course outline is modeled very closely to the lessons provided by the Carnegie Foundation, so the topics in the attachment should be representative of the Carnegie program. A quick look suggests that the following topics from MATH 125 are omitted: systems of equations and inequalities, logarithms, quadratic functions/relations (the outline mentions quadratic functions, but only as an example of nonlinear functions; it's also clear that parabolas/ellipses/hyperbolas are omitted), exponential functions (they are mentioned, but as an example of "nonlinear", so probably no depth). Woah, they gutted all of MATH 125! Curiously, MATH 228 excludes lots of material from MATH 115 as well: polynomials, factoring, rational expressions, and systems of equations in two variables.

Nevertheless, they claimed to have articulated MATH 228 with the Cal State campuses (or a subset), and one person said that UC campuses are looking at it favorably.

I was interested in this at first, but it looks like Pierce is just doing MATH 227 in two semesters. Maybe this is not what the Carnegie Foundation intended? The dean at Pierce is suppose to email me more info about what they did. I will pass the info along if there is interest.

Notes from Bruce:

The Carnegie Foundation posted their proposed student learning outcomes for Statway at . There is a set of statistics learning outcomes and a separate set of math learning outcomes. The math learning outcomes are not intended to be equivalent to elementary and intermediate algebra, but instead focus "on key concepts that support statistical thinking and data analysis." These learning outcomes have been vetted by the American Mathematical Society, the American Statistical Association, the Mathematical Association of America, and other professional organizations.

The Carnegie Foundation and the Dana Center (UT Austin) have a team of authors writing all the Statway lessons for the two-semester program. The 19 community colleges in the pilot are class testing the lessons this academic year.

Anyone can look up the Pierce College Statway course outlines at (It helps to know that the campus is Pierce, the subject is math, and the course number 228.)

Math 228A and 228B do not pretend to replace Math 115, Math 125, and Math 227. If a student should pass both Math 228A and Math 228B and then decide to take another math class (such as Math 125), s/he will be required to take a placement test.

The CSU has approved the combination of Math 228A and 228B for satisfaction of CSU GE Breadth Certification Area B4 Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning, effective Fall 2011 and lasting for the 3-year duration of the grant. Statway is only appropriate for the students in majors that do not require any college level math, or require at most an introductory statistics class. Statway is inappropriate for any STEM major.

Vice-Chancellor Yasmin Delahoussaye may well dream of multiple LACCD campuses offering Statway, but the decision to do so is not hers. Campuses are allowed to offer courses approved by the appropriate curriculum committees, but offering Statway requires the approval of the Carnegie Foundation, which cannot be granted by any person or group within the District.

Ruben: Thanks for the quick and informative reply Bruce! I'm going to pass it on to Regis who I think will probably pass it on to the department. In any case, I think it will help ELAC make a decision about pursuing Statway or not.

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