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This lesson plan gives background information on the life and time of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, the first great Latin American poet, and studies in detail two sonnets of the great poet, '' A su retrato'' and '' En perseguirme, Mundo, que interesas?'' This lesson plan leads students through activities involving listening comprehension of the two sonnets put to music with exercises, and it also has activities that include the analyses of the structure, form and content of each sonnet (including: counting the meter of each verse, pointing out the rhyme scheme and literary resources in a designated worksheet).


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4.2.7: District of Columbia Arts Education Learning Standards

Demonstrate ability to work safely, cooperatively, and collaboratively with other students in improvised or choreographed movement activities.

4.2.7: District of Columbia Arts Education Learning Standards

Use the interaction between positive and negative space in a works of art.

4.2.7: Indiana's Academic Standards Social Studies

Use a variety of information resources to take a position or recommend a course of action on a public issue relating to Indiana's past or present.

4.2.7: Indiana's Academic Standards English/Language Arts

Follow multiple-step instructions in a basic technical manual.

4.2.7: North Dakota Social Studies Content Standards

Explain the significance of fur trading in North Dakota (e.g., Hudson Bay, Charbonneau, American Fur Company, LaVerendrye)

4.2.7: North Dakota Foreign Language Content Standards

Identify appropriate non-verbal communication (i.e., gestures, counting with fingers).

4.2.7: North Dakota Foreign Language Content Standards

Analyze impact of non-verbal communication cues (e.g., view a target language film or video without the sound and analyze the gestures and other nonverbal cues to determine meaning and context).
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