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LA.10.10.1.a: English

Assume responsibility for specific group tasks.

LA.10.10.3.c: English

Make predictions, draw inferences, and connect prior knowledge to support reading comprehension.

LA.10.10.3.f: English

Examine a literary selection from several critical perspectives.

LA.10.10.4.a: English

Analyze and apply the information contained in warranties, contracts, job descriptions, technical descriptions, and other informational sources, including labels, warnings, manuals, directions, applications, and forms, to complete specific tasks.

MA.9-12.A.9: Mathematics

The student, given a set of data, will interpret variation in real-world contexts and calculate and interpret mean absolute deviation, standard deviation, and z-scores.

MA.9-12.A.11: Mathematics

The student will collect and analyze data, determine the equation of the curve of best fit in order to make predictions, and solve real-world problems, using mathematical models. Mathematical models will include linear and quadratic functions.

SCI.9-12.BIO.7.a: Science

structural similarities in organisms;

SCI.9-12.BIO.7.b: Science

fossil record interpretation;

SCI.9-12.BIO.7.c: Science

comparison of developmental stages in different organisms;

SCI.9-12.BIO.8.a: Science

evidence found in fossil records;

SCI.9-12.BIO.8.b: Science

how genetic variation, reproductive strategies, and environmental pressures impact the survival of populations;

SCI.9-12.BIO.8.c: Science

how natural selection leads to adaptations;

SCI.9-12.BIO.8.d: Science

emergence of new species; and

SCI.9-12.BIO.8.e: Science

scientific explanations for biological evolution.

SOC.9-12.WHII.9.a: History and Social Science

citing scientific, technological, and industrial developments and explaining how they brought about urbanization and social and environmental changes;
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