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This resource acts as a teaching object that can provide both teacher and students with a concise insight into Cyberterrorism and the serious elements and realities inherent within such an emerging threat.


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Cyberterrorism Phishing Vishing Sniffing Trojan Horses Viruses Worms Bot-nets



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Kristina Grogan
June 17, 2011

I thought this simple presentation of information on cyberterrorism was really insightful and could be very beneficial to my future students in adequately preparing them on how to properly use the internet and how to stay protected from hackers. Such a discussion is now vital in today's technological world and should not be downplayed as a teacher's role. I think it's imperative that we as teachers take it upon ourselves to help students form an internet identity, where they feel individually capable of researching information, communicating online, and protecting themselves against misuse. In the years to come, I think this idea will make its way into the standards, because not only do students obsess over the internet, but unfortunately we live in a world where we can't function without technology. As the example in the post illustrates, a world-wide hacker attack is within the realm of possibility and the best way to fight it is making sure our students know how to protect themselves.

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