Learning Experience 1: What Do You Know About Shadows?



For the class:

Chart paper*

Felt-tip markers*

*provided by teacher


Prepare a word web on chart paper with the word shadows in the center. Prepare students to take a walk around the school grounds or neighborhood.

Basic Skills Development:



Evaluation Strategy:

Students will contribute to a class word web on shadows.




Objective: Students will use their background knowledge to create a word web about shadows.

What is a shadow?

On chart paper, draw a word web with the word shadows in the center of the web. Ask students to contribute to the web by asking them what they “think” they know about shadows. Write down student ideas on the word web. At the end of this unit, review the word web with students. Revise previous thoughts about shadows that were not accurate and add new learning.

Take a school grounds or neighborhood walk as a class. Observe, discover, and investigate the various shadows cast by large stationary objects. Include such things as playground equipment, trees, buildings, street signs, parked cars, etc.

Discussion Questions:

What makes a shadow?

Does everything have a shadow?

Are all shadows going in the same direction?

Why do shadows look different?

Does a shadow look different than the object casting it?

What was most interesting shadow you saw?

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