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This lesson was developed as an assignment for an Educational Technology course at West Chester University of Pennsylvania during the Spring 2009 semester. We are pre-service Elementary Education teachers and we wanted to do a lesson on animals. In the process we found the standards for this area and saw that we could still incorporate animals into it. This lesson is about wetlands and protecting them. It also involves students learning about the plants and animals that can be found and the largest wetland in the world. Students choose one of three roles to play (fauna explorer, flora expert, and navigator) in order to do research on their designated area. Each student is required to complete a worksheet provided by the teacher while doing their research. Each group of students will also be responsible for doing research on general information about wetlands and how to protect them. Students will also have to create a Glog, which is an interactive poster. Students can choose whether they want to make their Glog to inform people about wetlands, including plants, animals, and the largest wetland or they can choose to create a Glog to inform people about what wetlands are and what people can do to protect them. Groups will present their interactive posters in front of the class. You should expect the research to take about an hour, depending on how familiar the students are with navigating through websites to find the information they need. Creating the Glog should take between one and two hours, depending on how familiar students are with Glogster.com and how much information and detail they put into their poster. Presentations will probably take 30 to 45 minutes, based on how you want students to do their presentations. The cognitive levels in this lesson are: Knowledge - They should know common terms about wetlands Comprehension - They will be interpreting information from websites into their own words to put on the worksheets. They will be explaining and summarizing in the finished project (the Glog) Application - Using the information they learned to make others aware Synthesis - They will be designing a Glog to show the information they have learned Multiple Intelligences used in this lesson are: Linguistic intelligence - vocabulary and research Spatial intelligence - research pictures and finished product of the Glogs Interpersonal Intelligence - working in groups Intrapersonal Intelligence - completing research for their individual roles


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