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This lesson is part of a lesson on various types of chemical reactions. It makes use of multiple technologies including a projector, a document camera, and an Interwrite Tablet while providing non-digital back-up plans. The demonstration includes an explosion for engagement, the exploration includes a decomposition reaction, the explanation is a student-driven discussion, and the extension worksheets are provided with answer keys.


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InterWrite Chemistry Decomposition Synthesis



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SCI.9-12.CH.1.a: Science

designated laboratory techniques;

SCI.9-12.CH.1.b: Science

safe use of chemicals and equipment;

SCI.9-12.CH.1.g: Science

mathematical manipulations (SI units, scientific notation, linear equations, graphing, ratio and proportion, significant digits, dimensional analysis);

SCI.9-12.CH.1.h: Science

the use of appropriate technology including computers, graphing calculators, and probeware for gathering data and communicating results; and

SCI.9-12.CH.3.b: Science

balancing chemical equations;

SCI.9-12.CH.3.e: Science

reaction types (synthesis, decomposition, single and double replacement, oxidation-reduction, neutralization, exothermic and endothermic); and

SCI.9-12.CH.4.b: Science

stoichiometric relationships;
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