Do you interact with customers on a regular basis? If so, this worksheet is a great resource to evaluate your interactions with customers. A Benchmark to gage how well your service is. Download this worksheet and keep it handy. Review it before and after interacting with customers/coworkers to keep serving other the best you can.

The 10 Commandments of Customer Service Are:

  1. Never act as if you don't care about a customer or a co-worker.
2. Always serve the customer first.

3. Never leave a paying customer waiting in line to pay.

4. Always thank the customer.

5. Never forget to smile at your customers.

6. Always make the customer feel special.

7. Never forget to follow up after a sale.

8. Always be preparing (anticipate) to answer customer questions.

9. Never stop learning about the products and services you sell.

10. Always practice your introductions, greeting, pitch, body language and closing.

If you ever see a teammate fail to meet these standards, let them know!

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