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This lesson teaches students about the 2nd Amendment and how it is represented in the media. It also allows them to express their views on the 2nd Amendment through the use of various media sources.


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Curriki Rating
On a scale of 0 to 3
On a scale of 0 to 3

This resource was reviewed using the Curriki Review rubric and received an overall Curriki Review System rating of 3, as of 2011-06-29.

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Technical Completeness: 3
Content Accuracy: 3
Appropriate Pedagogy: 2

Reviewer Comments:

This resource gives students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the views of specific Founding Fathers. Students work cooperatively to research an assigned Founding Father and then create a video project that highlights the views on key issues of the Constitutional Convention. In conclusion, students are asked to make connections to current issues. The lesson plan is well-organized and thorough with detailed procedures, relevant links, and materials. As mentioned at the beginning of the lesson plan, it is important that students have strong background knowledge prior to beginning the activity. Also, Internet access is necessary for the lesson as it is described, but adjustments could be made in its absence.
Amanda DeArmond
October 8, 2014
I think that this lesson plan will really help students learn how to become informed on a topic before having an opinion on it. I love how they hear both…
George Atkins
April 13, 2013
I really enjoy this lesson plan, especially during an election year. I also like how you picked an amendment that is a hot topic in today society. The best part…
John E. Fairbanks
June 17, 2011
I absolutely love all of the interaction that this lesson plan has. I am CRAZY about using twitter and social media in the classroom, and I think you guys did…
Amy Erdman
June 17, 2011
This lesson plan is great. I think that it sounds like a fun and authentic way to approach the 2nd Amendment and gun control policy which is a topic most…
Steven Johnson
June 17, 2011
First and foremost I must say that I really enjoyed your content selection for the development of your authentic assessment lesson plan. I’m sure that you were both probably expecting…
Teddy Kamburov
June 16, 2011
I think this is a really great lesson plan. I personally always like to use either quotes or questions that students see as they walk into the class. It's a…
Tully Clark
June 16, 2011
Great lesson! I would definitely use this in my class. I agree with Liz that it is great that you have students work individually to develop their own thoughts and…
Emily Ann
June 16, 2011
This is a great lesson plan. It's interactive and has parts for each type of learner. It shows each side of the issue while showing the facts. One of the…
Sara Thompson
June 16, 2011
Dustin & Joe ~ I really like the fact that you catered your topic toward a specific Amendment. What a great and relevant way to bring the Bill of Rights…
Liz Raasch
June 15, 2011
I'm going to review your lesson while reading it, so it might sound like train of thought. Bear with me :) First off, I applaud you for making this an…

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