A Shmoop study guide for The Awakening by Kate Chopin. Includes overview and study questions.


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LA.12.1.2: English Language Arts

Explaining use of allusions

LA.12.1.3: English Language Arts

Interpreting irony

LA.12.1.4: English Language Arts

Analyzing poetry for rhyme schemes

LA.12.1.5: English Language Arts

Identifying use of parody

LA.12.1.6: English Language Arts

Analyzing major historical developments in language and literature in the British Isles

LA.12.2.2: English Language Arts

Recognizing faulty logic or organization

LA.12.2.3: English Language Arts

Analyzing charts and tables for conclusions

LA.12.3.2: English Language Arts

Distinguishing between parallel plots and circular plots

LA.12.4: English Language Arts

Identify literary elements in British literary selections from various genres.

LA.12.5: English Language Arts

Determine word meaning in British literature using word structure and context clues.

LA.12.6: English Language Arts

Compare the writing styles of two or more British authors.

LA.12.7.1: English Language Arts

Editing drafts for appropriate style

LA.12.7.2: English Language Arts

Developing an effective voice suitable for audience and purpose

LA.12.8: English Language Arts

Demonstrate appropriate use of ellipses, parentheses, hyphens and suspended hyphens, hyphenation of number-and-noun modifiers, slashes, and use of commas with subordinate clauses and nominative absolutes.

LA.12.9: English Language Arts

Revise drafts to increase sentence complexity.

LA.12.10.2: English Language Arts

Editing drafts to avoid plagiarism

LA.12.11.2: English Language Arts

Using available technology for various communication purposes including multimedia presentations

LA.12.12: English Language Arts

Evaluate oral presentation skills of self and others for effectiveness.

LA.12.13: English Language Arts

Analyze nonprint media for use of propaganda.
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