Despite the world growing flatter or smaller, many news organizations in recent years have had to cut their foreign correspondent staff. In this new media climate, what international issues receive coverage from the U.S. media and why? How is the U.S. adapting to a new age of global informational and social media? What implications does the change in foreign correspondence have for American perspectives on international issues? On May 17th, the World Affairs Council presented Michael D. Mosettig, Foreign Editor for PBS NewsHour and the Online NewsHour who discussed the changing media landscape and its effect on foreign affairs coverage. Participating teachers received the attached 50-page resource packet that includes PBS NewsHour resources for teachers and students, general resources on journalism, and specific resources on media literacy. The packet also provides educators with lesson plans on journalism/media literacy (including a category featuring how to teach using political cartoons from around the world); related articles, books, and STEM resources; and Northwest media resources.

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