This Cold War webquest is quite comprehensive. It walks students through the four decasdes of the Cold War and covers not only the history of the Cold War and the historical events of the timeperiod, but also how these events impacted the culture. The unit was designed to last a full grading period and to be supplemented with mini lectures by the instructor. The webquest includes individual and group work, covers all levels of Bloom's taxonomy and many of Gardner's multiple intelligences. It links to many YouTube videos, and if these are blocked, it would be recommended that you create a free wiki at www.pbwiki.com and use the YouTube embed codes to add the videos to the wiki. Links can easily be changed in the PowerPoint so students can then access te videos via the wiki so they are not exposed to the additional content on YouTube.


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Cold war propaganda culture



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On a scale of 0 to 3

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Wow! This is an excellent webquest that covers four decades of the Cold War in an engaging, challenging, and creative way. The entire unit is covered in a lengthy PowerPoint that includes student directions, active links with meaningful assignments, video clips, accurate content about the time period, Ohio state standards, ideas for differentiation and extensions, and much much more. The PPT could be used as is or broken down into different parts to add depth to any Cold War unit. It should be noted that student names will have to be changed in the slide show to reflect individual classrooms. It would be helpful to have hard copy handouts of some of the culminating assignments for those students that might not have internet or computer access at home.

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