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Our young host interviews Natalia Paruz who plays the musical saw. Learn about this unusual instrument and hear it played. This resource is part of the MEET ME AT THE CORNER, Virtual Field Trips for Kids collection.


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On a scale of 0 to 3

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An unusual place to find lesson plans, this resource points the Curriki community to the commercial website for Cap’t Eli’s Soda and its accompanying graphic novel series about a boy with extraordinary scientific abilities and unique ties to the sea. Maine educator and technology integrationist Laura Richter developed some excellent lessons structured around these novels to be used in grades 4 – 8. Each lesson includes objectives and an assessment. In Language Arts and History, students can participate in a webquest that allows students to delve into some of the historical events of the stories. There is a mapping activity for Geography, including extensions for model-building and using Google SketchUp. In Science, students will experiment with mass, buoyancy and density, eventually learning more about submarines. In Art, students will create an original comic strip in groups, after they examine and discuss social and political issues of today, choose a cause, imagine how Eli would respond to this cause and develop a storyline with characters. These cross-curricular lessons, by using both graphic novels and technology, will no doubt be engaging for the targeted age group.

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