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This folder contains materials for week six of the novel. For classroom use there is a final novel project with lesson plan and a worksheet to use when watching the movie version of the novel. For summative assessment there is a final novel exam. This resource is part of the The Kite Runner Unit collection.


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The Kite Runner Khaled Hosseini unit



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Adrian Marquez
April 10, 2013

I think the final novel project and the comparison between the novel and the filmic version of the text work wonderfully. I do have, however, a slight sense of skepticism when it comes to the novel exam, simply because it might distort students' intentions with regard to the novel. It seems to me that some would focus more on memorizing what need be memorized in order to receive a good grade, instead of focusing on more profound integration of the novel's themes, the complexity of the characters involved, and the elegance with which the novel is constructed. In this case, I feel the group discussions that were had earlier on in the curriculum might be more appropriate, but even perhaps in a more formal version. The groups could stand before the class and discuss certain details or themes of the novel in depth, and as such, open themselves up to a different kind of examination.

Patricia Wood

The majority of test items for the KiteRunnerFinalExam.doc if for the Secret LIfe of Bees. The Unit, as a whole, is excellent.

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