The Magic Finger Lesson Plan Aid

Author: Roald Dahl

Subject: Girl with magical powers

Setting: farm, USA, contemporary

When an 8-year-old girl gets tired of begging her neighbors to stop killing birds and deer, she does the only thing she can--she uses her Magic Finger on them and turns them into birds. Now they learn what it s like to face a hunter.

Lexile Measure: 450L
Grade Level: 3
Genre: Fiction
Sub-Genre: Fantasy
Gender of Character: Female

Introduction to Book Punch
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In the story, the Greggs are passionate about hunting, and the little girl is just as passionate about protecting the rights of animals. Think about something you are passionate about. Write a paragraph describing what you are passionate about.

When all else fails, people often wish they could use magic to put an end to something cruel. In the story, the girl is extremely upset about the Greggs' hunting habit. Write a paragraph describing how the girl tries to stop the Greggs from hunting.

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