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Resources for teaching the short story "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell.

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Short Stories
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LA.5- Communication Arts

make predictions and connections between new literary works and previous information/experiences and explore questions about the impact of literary elements.

LA.5- Communication Arts

identify and comprehend the main idea and supporting facts and details, and summarize ideas in own words.

LA.5- Communication Arts

summarize stories and identify major literary elements.

LA.5- Communication Arts

compare, contrast, and make connections of literary elements within and between works.

LA.5- Communication Arts

draw inferences and conclusions based on literary works.

LA.5- Communication Arts

respond to literary works on the basis of personal insights and respect the different responses of others.

LA.5- Communication Arts

identify the effect of literary devices (e.g., figurative language, allusion, diction, dialogue, description, imagery).

LA.5- Communication Arts

recognize the impact of literary elements (e.g., plot, theme, character, setting, point of view) and evaluate their effectiveness.

LA.5- Communication Arts

evaluate how vocabulary and language contribute to literary works.

LA.5- Communication Arts

demonstrate an understanding of how language, literary devices, and forms contribute to the impact of literary works.

LA.5- Communication Arts

select a variety of literary works, expressing reasons for personal recommendation, discovery, appreciation, and enjoyment.

LA.5- Communication Arts

apply given criteria to evaluate literary merit and express critical opinions about literary works.

LA.5- Communication Arts

demonstrate the understanding that the purposes of experiencing literary works include personal satisfaction and the development of lifelong literature appreciation.

LA.5- Communication Arts

select, read, listen to, and view a variety of literary works.

LA.5- Communication Arts

respond to traditional and contemporary works representing diverse perspectives, cultures, and issues (e.g., American Indian works).

LA.5- Communication Arts

create and share responses to literary works through the application of technology, speaking, writing, visual, and performing arts (e.g., discuss, write, move, design, compose, sing).

LA.5- Communication Arts

examine and explain how history, culture, ideas, and issues influence literary works.

LA.5- Communication Arts

compare and contrast a variety of perspectives of self, others, and world issues through a selection of literary works.

LA.5- Communication Arts

use literary works to develop an understanding of the many dimensions of human experience (e.g., philosophical, ethical, aesthetic).
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On a scale of 0 to 3

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