This lesson was developed as part of a project for Dr. Bolton's EDM-300 class at the West Chester University of Pennsylvania. The lesson is about learning about the different military strategies that were used during World War II, for example the 'Blitzkrieg' of the Germans, as well as the tactics that developed because of new technology, such as aerial combat. The students are responsible for creating a poster detailing some of these tactics, thus leading to them understanding what the strategies involved. By doing this they will inherently understand the importance some nations had in World War II and the differences that good tactics had on the strength of a nation's army. Multiple intelligences will be addressed throughout the project, as those who are more keen on visual learning will learn through the creation of the posters complete with pictures and summaries of the strategies, while those who are more prone to learn via reading will benefit from the information included in the Webquest. Those who learn better through listening will also be helped through the presentations made by the different groups in the class. The students will need to be able to think critically and determine which strategies are more effective and important, and also be able to speak in front of the class as well as develop a description of the strategies they are presenting.


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World War I World War II War Strategies



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SOC.9-10.14.E.4: Social Science

Analyze historical trends of United States foreign policy (e.g., emergence as a world leader - military, industrial, financial).

SOC.9-10.16.A.4a: Social Science

Analyze and report historical events to determine cause-and-effect relationships.
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This webquest gives students the task of researching and comparing war strategies from World War I and World War II. Students work in small groups and conduct online research from some suggested websites. After collecting information about the war strategies, students create a poster that highlights three war strategies from World War II. The poster is then used as a visual for a group presentation about progress in military strategies from World War I to World War II. This is a good idea for a research project, however, it would be helpful for students to be provided with some structured handouts to guide their research as well as a model of the poster they are expected to create. It might also be a good idea to give each group a different country in order to limit the amount of information available and to make the research more focused.

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