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Presentation for teaching the relationship between wavelength, frequency, and energy of light. the origin of atomic line spectra. how the quantum numbers are used to understand the arrangement of electrons in atoms. the atomic orbitals and their basic shapes.


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SCI.10-12.6.A: Science

understand the experimental design and conclusions used in the development of modern atomic theory, including Dalton's Postulates, Thomson's discovery of electron properties, Rutherford's nuclear atom, and Bohr's nuclear atom;

SCI.10-12.6.B: Science

understand the electromagnetic spectrum and the mathematical relationships between energy, frequency, and wavelength of light;

SCI.10-12.6.C: Science

calculate the wavelength, frequency, and energy of light using Planck's constant and the speed of light;

SCI.9-12.8.B: Science

compare and explain the emission spectra produced by various atoms;
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