This tool lets you freely create any complicated tilings where many other Demonstrations only let you look at them! Unlike in the original "Tiling Constructor" Demonstration, here you can drag all tiles (but you can restrict the dragging to the currently highlighted tile by clicking "freeze"). Additionally, several features (such as mirroring) are more powerful in this version. Use the tile types given (all 62 irreptiles from the Demonstration "Irreptiles" are included here!) or design your own. See the related links for many examples of tilings you can create. Tilings of irreptiles (tiles that tile themselves) or periodic or aperiodic tilings with fivefold symmetry are just some of the things you can produce with this tiling constructor Demonstration. The tiles can be "snapped" together as if they were magnetic, making the construction very easy. You can always go back and edit all vertices, angles, edges, or the size of the tiles at any later time. Various snap and rotation options and many other features make construction a breeze. Examples The default screen shows a 1x1 square. To create a copy of this square somewhere else, click "double", then either drag the new tile or click the board to shift the new 1x1 square to any place on the board. To create a 2×2 arrangement of four copies of the default 1x1 square, select rotate = 90°, click the "o" ("circular arrangement") of the "+/-/o" setter bar, and finally click "vertex" (to create a circular arrangement). More examples are given at the end of Details. All tilings shown in the snapshots (Penrose tilings) of the original Demonstration "Tiling Constructor" can be created (even faster) with this tile-dragging variant Demonstration.


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