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This article discusses the death penalty in financial terms. As our country is facing an economic crisis, some people have started to use financial statistics to argue for the elimination of the death penalty.


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This resource is an interesting article from msnbc that examines that costs of the death penalty. It could be used in the classroom in a variety of ways. For example, it could be read aloud with opportunities for discussion, a worksheet with questions could be created, or as a reference during a debate on the death penalty. It is recommended that it be used in conjunction with other articles in order to provide students with all of the perspectives on the issue.
Dustin Rodgers
May 29, 2011

This article is great when trying to dispel the idea that it is cheaper to kill people than it is to keep them in jail. I think a lot of younger people (including myself when I was younger) think that the death penalty is a way to get people out of our jails and stop paying for them. They do not understand how expensive it is to maintain and utilize the death penalty and this learning object helps to convey all of the overall expenses. This article would work very well as a reading you could hand when doing a debate on the pros and cons of the death penalty. The expenses are a major argument against the use of the death penalty and this article contains a lot of good numbers and statics to help back up that argument.

Joe Dickens
May 26, 2011

The article you have provided is extremely useful in the classroom. Firstly it steers away from the exhausting argument of morality, which in many cases cannot be settled. In this aspect I think this article does a great job of laying out the reasons for eliminating the death penalty that makes sense both economically and scientifically. So I would definitely use this article in a classroom to show students that this argument is not all about morality, justice, and vengeance. This article however is a bit long. If I were to use it I might create a list of bullet points that concisely summarizes the main points of the arguments. Also the argument is definitely one-sided, which is acceptable as long as there are multiple sources for students to interpret. Overall this is a great learning object.

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