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“Trick or Truth” is a video activity based on a game show called "To Tell the Truth" which first aired in 1956. The premise of the game show is that a panel of 4 celebrities attempts to identify the correct contestant, who is joined by 2 imposters, based on how believably they answer questions posed to them by the panelists. The game begins with the game show host’s description of the contestant’s noteworthy accomplishment or interesting occupation. Hoping to figure out who is “telling the truth” and who are imposters, the panelists take turns asking questions about the occupation or accomplishment. Based on the answers given, each panelist attempts to identify the correct contestant--the one who is, therefore, telling the truth. The format of the game show, “Trick or Truth,” will help students to review and demonstrate what they have learned about Hernando Cortes, a 16th century explorer who conquered the Aztecs and explored the coast of California. The game will begin with the student host reading a summary about Hernando Cortes. Student panelists will then pose questions to three contestants, one of whom is playing the part of Hernando Cortes, along with the other two who are imposters. The student role-playing Cortes will answer all questions accurately, while the imposters will provide inaccurate answers. Based on the contestants’ answers, the panelists (along with all the remaining students) will guess who is telling the truth. “Trick or Truth,” our version of “To Tell the Truth,” will be a fun culminating activity prior to the social studies’ chapter summative assessment on California exploration. Although this video activity focuses on Hernando Cortes, it can be easily adapted to any lesson in any curricular area that involves the study of a famous person or event.


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This short video on alternate interior angles presents a new point of view to interested viewers. It could be used for students to preview the concepts before the teaching in the classroom.Unfortunately it is difficult to understand the accent of the teacher.

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