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(Trying to See the Light: Georgia's Struggle Through Post-Soviet Transition - PDF) In this unit, we will look primarily at the situation concerning energy supply in the country of Georgia. It will help students examine the importance of energy in daily life and what happens when traditional modes of supply are suddenly severed or no longer available at previous levels of supply. While we will look primarily at the situation in Georgia, this problem is not unique to Georgia.


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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This resource is part of a series of lessons on Russia submitted by the World Affairs Council. The unit has background information, clear objectives, detailed procedures, and all of the necessary handouts to implement the unit. The materials are excellent. The content is current, accurate, and accessible to students at the recommended grade levels. There are a variety of different activities to engage students in learning about the complex issues surrounding energy and economic policy relating to the transition from a command to a free market economy. Some highlights include a brainstorming activity on wants and needs that leads into a greater understanding of energy as an economic issue, a simulation in which students take on the roles of different states that had been operating under a centrally planned system and are now independent, and a documentary that examines the challenges Georgia is facing as a former Soviet republic in regards to energy policy. The entire unit is immediately useful and many of the handouts and activities could also be stand alone lessons integrated into various content areas such as environmental science, current issues, or economics.

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