The Tuck Everlasting novel study is intended to be implemented in a 4th-7th grade classroom, depending on the student's needs. This entire unit can be completed in 5 weeks or less.

The primary reading strategy focus throughout the novel study is questioning, primarily working with question-answer-relationships. The novel study introduces students to create questions and determining what type of QAR they are. Students will begin to think more critically when questioning a text because they will be expected to stop and think about the text at a deeper level. Differentiated questioning guidelines are provided in the unit to reach all the needs of the learners. Daily discussion questions are also provided to help a student comprehend the text.

A daily packet is provided to help students document character development, question-answer relationships throughout the text, chapter titles, as well as daily comprehension questions. Students will fill these out independently to help them comprehend the text. A rubric is provided to guide students to an effective packet completion. Each week students will take a comprehension quiz over the week's reading to determine if they understood the text.

Students will be exposed to new words each week with the text via a Powerpoint and take a quiz each week over the words with a final assessment at the end. A list of enrichment words is also included to reach all the needs of the learners. A variety of vocabulary review activities and games is provided to help students retain their new knowledge.

At the end of the unit, students will pick a final project from a list of 3 to demonstrate their overall understanding of the text.

Finally a list of RTI strategies is provided to help students who may be struggling with the text. These activities could be used in the whole class as well.

The Tuck Everlasting novel study can be easily implemented with all of the guidelines and documents included in this unit.

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