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Explains the wavelength, speed, reflection and intensity of ultrasound waves and the use of ultrasound imaging.


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ultrasound imaging waves



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SCI.9-12.7.F: Science

describe the role of wave characteristics and behaviors in medical and industrial applications.
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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This 3 day lesson plan is designed to teach the student how to write a persuasive essay using sensory details and action verbs, to create a persuasive argument in a business letter format. The lesson plan is standards based, asks essential questions, asks for evidence of learning using academic language, and alludes to a rubric for evaluation, but a rubric is not attached. The Halloween Essay, upon which day’s 1 lesson is based, is alluded to in the lesson but is also not attached. Instruction, modeling and guided practice is included in the teaching of this lesson. Ultimately, students are asked to write a letter to a persuading a school board to reverse its decision to ban Halloween from the public schools.

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