This lesson was developed as a requirement for the Spring semester of EDM 300. This is a educational technology class meant for education majors at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. This WebQuest is meant for grade four because the creators are all elementary education majors. We chose the theme of ocean animals because we believe it is something important for students to know about, but also a subject of interest for fourth graders. This lesson is about exploring different species in the ocean. The students are put into groups and assigned a specific specie. They will then gather information about their animal and formulate a power point presentation to present to their classmates. Many multiple intelligences will be addressed within this WebQuest including, visual and spatial because of the PowerPoint created by using Google Docs at the end of the WebQuest, interpersonal because they will be working with other classmates in groups, intrapersonal because it is necessary for the students to be in tune with their own opinions about what they believe is important because they will be working independently at some point and lastly linguistic because they need to read information and verbally present it to the class. Most of the levels of Blooms taxonomy will be met. Knowledge will be addressed by recognizing important information on their animal, comprehension will be met by explaining facts about their animals, application will be met by choosing what information they believe will be important to their presentation, and lastly synthesis will be met by having the students design a PowerPoint presentation.


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