An introduction into linear patterns


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MA.7.4.1: Mathematics

Represent and analyze patterns, rules and functions with words, tables, graphs and simple variable expressions.

MA.7.4.2: Mathematics

Generalize patterns by describing in words how to find the next term.

MA.7.4.3: Mathematics

Recognize and explain when numerical patterns are linear or nonlinear progressions; e.g., 1, 3, 5, 7... is linear and 1, 3, 4, 8, 16... is nonlinear.

MA.7.4.4: Mathematics

Create visual representations of equation-solving processes that model the use of inverse operations.

MA.7.4.5: Mathematics

Represent linear equations by plotting points in the coordinate plane.

MA.7.4.6: Mathematics

Represent inequalities on a number line or a coordinate plane.

MA.7.4.7: Mathematics

Justify that two forms of an algebraic expression are equivalent, and recognize when an expression is simplified; e.g., 4m = m + m + m + m or a * 5 + 4 = 5a + 4.

MA.7.4.8: Mathematics

Use formulas in problem-solving situations.

MA.7.4.9: Mathematics

Recognize a variety of uses for variables; e.g., placeholder for an unknown quantity in an equation, generalization for a pattern, formula.

MA.7.4.10: Mathematics

Analyze linear and simple nonlinear relationships to explain how a change in one variable results in the change of another.

MA.7.4.11: Mathematics

Use graphing calculators or computers to analyze change; e.g., distance-time relationships.
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