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SCI.9-12.CH.11.a: Science

Students know protons and neutrons in the nucleus are held together by nuclear forces that overcome the electromagnetic repulsion between the protons.

SCI.9-12.CH.11.b: Science

Students know the energy release per gram of material is much larger in nuclear fusion or fission reactions than in chemical reactions. The change in mass (calculated by E = mc²) is small but significant in nuclear reactions.

SCI.9-12.CH.11.c: Science

Students know some naturally occurring isotopes of elements are radioactive, as are isotopes formed in nuclear reactions.

SCI.9-12.CH.11.d: Science

Students know the three most common forms of radioactive decay (alpha, beta, and gamma) and know how the nucleus changes in each type of decay.

SCI.9-12.CH.11.e: Science

Students know alpha, beta, and gamma radiation produce different amounts and kinds of damage in matter and have different penetrations.

SCI.9-12.CH.11.f: Science

Students know how to calculate the amount of a radioactive substance remaining after an integral number of half-lives have passed.

SCI.9-12.CH.11.g: Science

Students know protons and neutrons have substructures and consist of particles called quarks.

SCI.10-12.12.A: Science

describe the characteristics of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation;

SCI.10-12.12.B: Science

describe radioactive decay process in terms of balanced nuclear equations; and

SCI.10-12.12.C: Science

compare fission and fusion reactions.
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