A brief overview of the Earth's current atmosphere, theories of past atmospheric compositions and an introduction to anthropogenic impacts on the atmosphere today.


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analyze the characteristics of objects in our solar system that allow life to exist such as the proximity of the Sun, presence of water, and composition of the atmosphere; and
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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This unit is contains a series of hands-on and minds-on activities for learning about the history of life on Earth. Topics include geological time, radiometric dating, fossils and various mass extinctions. Each lesson includes an introduction, suggested timeline, learning objectives, guiding question(s), materials list, clear procedures, and suggestions for concluding activities. Rubrics are included for the two projects. This unit is intended for middle school or early high school students, but could be adapted for use at a variety of grade levels. These activities are well organized and immediately useful in the classroom using simple, readily accessible materials.

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