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SCI.9-12.CH.5.a: Science

Students know the observable properties of acids, bases, and salt solutions.

SCI.9-12.CH.5.b: Science

Students know acids are hydrogen-ion-donating and bases are hydrogen-ion-accepting substances.

SCI.9-12.CH.5.c: Science

Students know strong acids and bases fully dissociate and weak acids and bases partially dissociate.

SCI.9-12.CH.5.d: Science

Students know how to use the pH scale to characterize acid and base solutions.

SCI.9-12.CH.5.e: Science

Students know the Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry, and Lewis acid-base definitions.

SCI.9-12.CH.5.f: Science

Students know how to calculate pH from the hydrogen-ion concentration.

SCI.9-12.CH.5.g: Science

Students know buffers stabilize pH in acid-base reactions.

SCI.10-12.10.G: Science

define acids and bases and distinguish between Arrhenius and Bronsted-Lowry definitions and predict products in acid base reactions that form water;

SCI.10-12.10.H: Science

understand and differentiate among acid-base reactions, precipitation reactions, and oxidation-reduction reactions;
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