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SCI.9-12.CH.6.a: Science

Students know the definitions of solute and solvent.

SCI.9-12.CH.6.b: Science

Students know how to describe the dissolving process at the molecular level by using the concept of random molecular motion.

SCI.9-12.CH.6.c: Science

Students know temperature, pressure, and surface area affect the dissolving process.

SCI.9-12.CH.6.d: Science

Students know how to calculate the concentration of a solute in terms of grams per liter, molarity, parts per million, and percent composition.

SCI.9-12.CH.6.e: Science

Students know the relationship between the molality of a solute in a solution and the solution's depressed freezing point or elevated boiling point.

SCI.9-12.CH.6.f: Science

Students know how molecules in a solution are separated or purified by the methods of chromatography and distillation.

SCI.10-12.10.A: Science

describe the unique role of water in chemical and biological systems;

SCI.10-12.10.B: Science

develop and use general rules regarding solubility through investigations with aqueous solutions;

SCI.10-12.10.C: Science

calculate the concentration of solutions in units of molarity;

SCI.10-12.10.D: Science

use molarity to calculate the dilutions of solutions;

SCI.10-12.10.E: Science

distinguish between types of solutions such as electrolytes and nonelectrolytes and unsaturated, saturated, and supersaturated solutions;

SCI.10-12.10.F: Science

investigate factors that influence solubilities and rates of dissolution such as temperature, agitation, and surface area;
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