Unit on China for 7th grade Social Studies. Enduring Understandings: EU #1: The great minds of the past have developed ideas that can enrich our lives and our world. EU #2: Over the course of history, the same country can swing from tremendously powerful to dangerously weak and back again. EU #3: There is no such thing as a "perfect government." Lessons include: Geography of China Confucianism Taoism Buddhism Silk Road Opium Communism Deng's Reforms Tiannenmen Square Resources include goal posters, tracking sheets, quizzes, and projects. This resource is part of the Social Studies 7 course.


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china confucianism confucius tao taoism silk road chinese opium communism deng mao tiannamen square



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Social Studies 7
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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This resource is one unit in the collection of Seventh Grade Social Studies curriculum. The lessons include objectives, detailed procedures, and useful handouts. Students will participate in a variety of activities that will help them learn about China. Some of the highlights include learning about the weakening of ancient China through a guided reading, making a anti-drug poster based on information about the effects of Opium in China, and creating a voter guide to educate Americans about China. The lessons are geared towards a specific classroom at the middle school level, however, with some modifications much of the curriculum can be easily adapted to any Social Studies classroom at the middle or high school level that is covering World History.

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