Millionaire is a review game for Unit 8: Functions and Graphing. The topics covered in Unit 8 include: Functions, Linear Equations in Two Variables, Graphing Linear Equations Using Intercepts, Slope, Rate of Change, Slope-Intercept Form, Writing Linear Equations, Best-Fit Lines, Solving Systems of Equations, and Graphing Inequalities. This game should be used to help students prepare for the unit exam.


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  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8


Functions Linear Equations in Two Variables Graphing Linear Equations Using Intercepts Slope Rate of Change Slope-Intercept Form Writing Linear Equations Best-Fit Lines Solving Systems of Equations Graphing Inequalities



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On a scale of 0 to 3

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Triangle Mania is a card game that is played in groups of 4 students. Students work together to find missing side lengths and angles of triangles. The problems are grade appropriate and an answer key is provided. The answer key uses a code to identify the triangles, but the code is not shared or identified. (R = right, O = obtuse, A = acute triangle, I = isosceles and S = scalene). Directions for play are provided. The author also provides suggestions for classroom management. This activity would work well in a well managed classroom. Additional accommodations may be necessary in some classrooms. Overall a well created educational card game.

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