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This course will focus on modern United States History. From the start of the Cold War to today's war against terrorism, students will come to understand specific events and decisions from a national and global perspective. The course will examine the role that media plays in shaping public opinion.


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  • Social Studies > State History
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  • Social Studies > United States Government
  • Social Studies > United States History
  • Social Studies > World History

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  • Grade 9
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United States History



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HIS.12.H.8.3.12.A.1: History

Political Leaders (e.g., Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.A.2: History

Military Leaders (e.g., John Pershing, Douglas MacArthur, Dwight D. Eisenhower)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.A.3: History

Cultural and Commercial Leaders (e.g., Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, Langston Hughes, Alan Greenspan)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.A.4: History

Innovators and Reformers (e.g., Wilbur and Orville Wright, John L. Lewis, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.B.1: History

Documents (e.g., Treaty of Versailles, North Atlantic Treaty, Neutrality Acts)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.B.2: History

20th Century Writings and Communication (e.g., Coolidge's "The Business of America is Business," King's "I Have A Dream," Armstrong's "One Small Step for Man")

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.B.3: History

Historic Places (e.g., Ellis Island, Pearl Harbor, Los Alamos)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.C.1: History

Belief Systems and Religions (e.g., 20th century movements, religions of recent immigrants)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.C.2: History

Commerce and Industry (e.g., corporations, conglomerates, multinational corporations)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.C.3: History

Innovations (e.g., the Tin Lizzie, radio, World Wide Web)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.C.4: History

Politics (e.g., New Deal legislation, Brown v. Topeka, isolationist/non-isolationist debate)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.C.5: History

Settlement Patterns (e.g., suburbs, large urban centers, decline of city population)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.C.6: History

Social Organization (e.g., compulsory school laws, court decisions expanding individual rights, technological impact)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.C.7: History

Transportation and Trade (e.g., expansion and decline of railroads, increased mobility, internet)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.C.8: History

Women's Movement (e.g., right to vote, women in the war effort, Women's Peace Party)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.D.1: History

Domestic Instability (e.g., Great Depression, assassination of political and social leaders, terrorist threats)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.D.2: History

Ethnic and Racial Relations (e.g., internment camps for Japanese Americans, Montgomery Alabama Bus Boycott, land tensions with Native Americans)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.D.3: History

Labor Relations (e.g., rise and decline of industrial unions, free trade agreements, imports impact on domestic employment)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.D.4: History

Immigration and Migration (e.g., anti-immigrant attitudes, quota laws, westward and southward migration)

HIS.12.H.8.3.12.D.5: History

Military Conflicts (e.g., World War I, World War II, War on Terrorism)
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