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The most famous lagoon in the world is probably the Venetian Lagoon. The Venetian Lagoon is home to the "Queen of the Adriatic," the city of Venice, Italy. Venice is a city that rests on 118 islands. Some islands are natural features of the lagoon sandbars and mudflats. Other islands have been created by engineers who have been dredging the lagoon for centuries.


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3.8: Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Framework

On a map of Massachusetts, locate the class's home town or city and its local geographic features and landmarks. (G)

3.8: Oregon Social Sciences Academic Content Standards

Identify links of land, regions, river systems, interstate highways between Oregon and other states.

3.8: History and Social Science Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools

The student will recognize that because people and regions cannot produce everything they want, they specialize in what they do best and trade for the rest.
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