Learn how to create your own video. This Nortel LearniT video series provides the skills needed to develop your own video from the shoot to the editing room. Videos include: Project Overview and Introduction Pre-Production Production Post-Production iMovie Premiere Pro


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TEC.9-12.G9-12: 1.39: Technology Literacy

Explain basic practices that contribute to a Web site's accessibility to people with disabilities (e.g., using alternative text, captioning, consistent structure).

TEC.9-12.G9-12: 2.1: Technology Literacy

Demonstrate compliance with the school's Acceptable Use Policy.

TEC.9-12.G9-12: 2.14: Technology Literacy

Explain and use practices to protect one's personal safety online (e.g., not sharing personal information with strangers, being alert for online predators, reporting suspicious activities).

TEC.9-12.G9-12: 3.1: Technology Literacy

Devise and demonstrate strategies for efficiently collecting and organizing information from electronic sources.

TEC.9-12.G9-12: 3.2: Technology Literacy

Compare, evaluate, and select appropriate electronic resources to locate specific information.

TEC.9-12.G9-12: 3.8: Technology Literacy

Use online communication tools to collaborate with peers, community members, and field experts as appropriate (e.g., bulletin boards, discussion forums, listservs, Web conferencing).

TEC.9-12.G9-12: 3.9: Technology Literacy

Plan and implement a collaborative project with students in other classrooms and schools using telecommunications tools (e.g., e-mail, discussion forums, groupware, interactive Web sites, videoconferencing).
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